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Ester Poli – Leopoldo Saracino

The duo originates from the precious musical experience of the years of study under the lead of Ruggero Chiesa at the Conservatory of Music in Milan. Subsequently, the two musicians have developed their profession along separate ways.
Ester Poli has broadened her concert activities especially in Northern Europe, while studying in depth the local musical traditions. During her prolonged stays in Norway and Denmark she has worked with prominent personalities of the guitar scene, both composers and players.
Leopoldo Saracino, Professor of guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Monopoli (Bari), performs both in Italy and abroad, especially in Germany, where he lives.

For a few years now the duo has been actively engaged in concerts in Italy and abroad presenting the traditional guitar repertoire. At the same time, thanks to the musical experience in Northern Europe, greatly enhancing contemporary arts, the duo has become involved in several projects set up together with other musicians: a tour of Scandinavia, the Baltic Countries and Germany; a close collaboration with other musicians; the recording, still in the making with some Danish ensemble, of a CD dedicated to the music for guitar by a great living Lithuanian composer.

The duo's lively concert and research activity has been met everywhere with extremely favourable response:

 "A dialogue between the two guitarists, who take the flow of the melody up to the highest dramatic peaks, while still keeping their perfect syncronicity, and maintaining carefully the dancing rhythm of the piece..” (Wolfsburger Nachrichten, march 2003, Wolfsburger Schloss, Wolfsburg)

"Their musical style is characterized by the ability to capture the multiplicity of ensemble music, a relief and a comfort for the soul... ”
"....The whole concert was pervaded by a subtle musical refinement... a particular technical ability, a profound knowledge of the instruments and of the modalities of chamber music being the duo's distinguishing feature.”
"........... Listening to them was a profound inner appeasement, also in force of their great intelligent stylistic understanding, and this through five centuries of music.”

(Axel Borup-Jørgensen, april 2003, concert at Rundetårnet, Copenhagen)

"There was good collaboration between the performing couple, with much understanding and communication ensuring a stylish presentation of the work......the guitar duo rightly indulged in a greeter flexibility of tempos and in a broader variety of moods and accompanying dynamics”.
...."the work’s inherent texture was very carefully analysed and subtleties in the score were brought out through detailing in shading that guaranteed finesse in a musical shape”.

(The Sunday Times, june 2003, Bir Miftuh Music Festival, Malta)

Leopoldo Saracino was born in Milan in 1965.
He studied with Ruggero Chiesa, at the State Conservatory G.Verdi in Milan until 1986. Since graduating he has pursued a varied career as a recitalist, concerto soloist and chamber musician.
Subsequent studies have been with David Russell. He won several international competition, such as the international competition "M.Giuliani", The International Prize of Contemporary Music of Lagonegro and the Scandinavian International Guitar Competition.
He recorded several CD, such as the complete works for guitar and fortepiano by F. Carulli and the 36 Capricci op.20 by Luigi R. Legnani for solo guitar, on the Nuova Era Records label. He has collaborated several times with the “Teatro alla Scala” in Milan.
He teaches at the Conservatory of Music in Monopoli (Bari).



Jerker Dahlin - Ester Poli

The young swedish tenor Jerker Dahlin is already very well known in Scandinavia.
He has toured extensively in Europe and in the United States, obtaining great success for both his voice, endowed with vast timbric possibilities, and for his interpretive gifts and strong stage presence.

The Duo features a repertoire consisting of music from both the "classical" period (for example Schubert's Lieder, transcriptions by Mauro Giuliani of Arias from Italian operas) as of beautiful traditional Swedish music (like that of K.M.Bellman). The timbric possibilities of an instrument such as the guitar, together with the warm softness of this male voice, creates an intimate atmosphere typical for chamber music.

It is possible to comprehend the Duo's scenic and musical worth from viewing the video cassette and their recording of one of their latest concerts.
The Duo was founded in Oslo, and has performed concerts mainly in Scandinavia.

The Duo is often enriched by their collaboration with Norwegian flutist Carina Amundsen.
By alternating the Duo- and the Trio-formation, there are presented varied concert programs consisting of music by Schubert to Takemitsu and from Diabelli to Evensen


Ester Poli-Reidar Edvardsen

The duo consists of the Italian guitarist Ester Poli and the Norwegian mandolinist Reidar Edvardsen.
This quite recent group have gained great acclaim in important festivals like the 36th Festival «Plectro Rioja» 2002 in Logroño (Spain).
The repertoire includes baroque music (Vivaldi and Leone), 19th cent. (Rung and Henriques), romantic Italian (Munier and Calace) and contemporary.
The schedule for 2004 includes at the moment concerts in Norway; Denmark and Italy and recording of a CD featuring «Original Scandinavian works for mandolin and guitar, 19th to 21st century»
In connection to this project, the two musicians have collaborated and will collaborate with important contemporary Scandinavian composers like Kjell Marcussen, Østen Ore, Olaf Näslund and Turi Jonsdottir to extend the repertoire.

Reidar Edvardsen touched the mandolin for the first time years after his graduation as a guitarist. For a long time he has now been mandolinist of the Norwegian National Opera and other symphonic and chamber orchestras, and pioneered the instrument in Norway by playing its classical reportoire and cooperating with composers to create new works. He has performed all over Norway, and appeared with leading musicians from different countrys. In addition he has been playing concerts in England, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Greece, Italy and Spain, and have been granted more scolarships for his activity. Reidar Edvardsen has for many years worked as teacher and conductor of mandolinorchestras, and was lecturing the EGMYO-2000 (European Guitar and mandolinYouth Orchestra) in Ferrara, Italy




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