Ester Poli


"A dialogue between the two guitarists, who take the flow of the melody up to the highest dramatic peaks, while still keeping their perfect syncronicity, and maintaining carefully the dancing rhythm of the piece..” (Wolfsburger Nachrichten, march 2003, Wolfsburger Schloss, Wolfsburg)

"Their musical style is characterized by the ability to capture the multiplicity of ensemble music, a relief and a comfort for the soul... ”
"....The whole concert was pervaded by a subtle musical refinement... a particular technical ability, a profound knowledge of the instruments and of the modalities of chamber music being the duo's distinguishing feature.”
"........... Listening to them was a profound inner appeasement, also in force of their great intelligent stylistic understanding, and this through five centuries of music.”

(Axel Borup-Jørgensen, april 2003, concert at Rundetårnet, Copenhagen)

"There was good collaboration between the performing couple, with much understanding and communication ensuring a stylish presentation of the work......the guitar duo rightly indulged in a greeter flexibility of tempos and in a broader variety of moods and accompanying dynamics”.
...."the work’s inherent texture was very carefully analysed and subtleties in the score were brought out through detailing in shading that guaranteed finesse in a musical shape”.

(The Sunday Times, june 2003, Bir Miftuh Music Festival, Malta)

"She's a guitarist with a very high technical ability - musical, gifted with extremely lively and spontaneous expression. She has demonstrated great capacity and poetical refinement confirming her mastery even as a soloist with an orchestra".
(E. Stenstadvold, R. La Fleur, J. Danielsen, concert in the Grand Hall of the Academy of Oslo, March 1998).

"….the audience was captivated right from the very first chords from the guitar. Technical precision, maximum concentration, refined nuances, passionate passages…" "….guitar lovers were able to perceive the warmth, sincerity, and love for music on the guitar, a poetic demanding and sensitive instrument…" ("Muzikos Barai", Vilnius, Rotuseje Hall, December 2000)

"Very impressive of each of these four musicians is the deep understanding of the instruments, the elegance and colour of their transcriptions, solid musicality and exceptional group spirit which underlines in a very particular way the emotional force of the music, energetic yet at the same time profound." ("Tønsbergs Blad", Norway, September 2001)

"Ester Poli impressed her audience for her technical precision, her rich and colourful tone, the wide range of poetic expression and her luminous personality…."("I Meno Diena", Vilnius, concert held at Vilnius Congress Hall, May 2001)

" exellent technique combined with a deep comprehension of each composer's style, lightly and warm sonority: this Duo has not given a pyrotechnical performance, but a deep and sensitive interpretation of each piece". ("The Malai Mall", Kuala Lumpur, February 1998).


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